Games to Play on the Ripstick

Published: 17th December 2008
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The Ripstik is a versatile board that allows you to do many things. You can cruise the streets and you can do freestyle tricks, but you can also do some great individual and team games on the Ripstik. I want to share some of my favorite Ripstik games with you. First let us talk about the solo games. Not solo games to do by yourself, but it is you against your buddies. Racing is always a classic.

When you race be creative and come up with parts of the race that you must do, like figure eights around two garbage can lids, or a part where you have to step your board over a broom stick, or perhaps a part of the course that is only skinny enough for one person to fit through. Racing has endless possibilities to keep you and your friends having fun for hours. I also love to do the sprint race. This is just a straight lined race from point A to point B to see who the fastest rider is. To turn your racing into a team game, just make it into a relay race. This great because for four people to race you only need two boards, or you can do six riders or even eight riders with just two boards. When you come to the end of your racing sections have your friend just use the same board to ride his portion of the race. My favorite portion of a relay race is making two of the riders ride their part sitting on their butt coasting down a very gradual hill.

Another awesome game I love is chicken. In Ripstik chicken every rider must have a board. Each rider starts riding and holds their hands together behind their backs. When everyone is ready someone says "GO" and the object of the game is to knock the other rides off their board. Two ways to lose is if you get knocked off your board or you let go of your hands behind your back. Riding with your hands behind your back makes it more difficult to balance as well as eliminates anyone pushing with their hands, which could make the game dangerous. The last person on their board wins the point; play first one to three wins it all.

Some great team games are Ripstik basketball, Ripstik hockey, or my personal favorite Ripstik Lacrosse. In Ripstik basketball get two teams together, a basketball, and a hoop. The teams can be 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or however many riders you can get. Dribbling becomes very difficult so you can choose whether you need to dribble or not. Passing and shooting also become very difficult so you may want to start with no dribbling. If a rider that has the ball falls off his Ripstik then the ball automatically gets turned over to the other team. If a rider passes the ball and the guy catching the ball steps off his board that is also a turnover. Play to however many points you desire. Ripstik hockey is played exactly like you would play hockey on your feet or even on roller blades. The goalie does not need to be on a Ripstik. Last is Ripstik Lacrosse. This can be difficult because not everyone has lacrosse gear, but if you have lacrosse gear and a Ripstik this is a must to try. Play with 3 per side and 1 goalie, if you drop the ball it is a scramble to see who can get the loose ball. Try to score on the other teams net to win the game.

There are tons of awesome games you can play on your Ripstik. Be creative and most importantly have fun.

You can do a ton of cool tricks on the ripstick. But you can also do some amazing games on your ripstik caster board. You should check out some birdhouse skateboard decks too.

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