Tony Horton has the Body of a God

Published: 23rd January 2009
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Tony Horton is one of the leading fitness gurus in the nation. His workouts are extreme and will get results. Tony has gone from actor, to a self motivated workout junkie, to a personal trainer sought after by celebrities and athletes to the face of high impact home workout videos.

When Tony Horton was growing up he was not so much into fitness as he was food, sweets and playing just like every other kid. In fact, all though Tony has the look of an athlete, he never was much into sports. It was his love for acting that brought him to LA and the demand of the industry that led Tony to shape and form his body into a lean muscle machine. Tony was never to hip on the huge body building look. He more sought after the lean muscular look and soon started creating fitness routines and programs that shaped the human body into a lean muscular look. This style and Tony's personality soon started drawing the looks from a lot of different people. He soon became a very sought after personal trainer in the LA area.

Tony trained many celebrities like Sean Connery. He also worked with the cast of "The 13th Warrior". He took the entire cast from normal human bodies to having the body of true warriors, muscular and defined. The more people that saw Tony's work the more popular he became. Soon he crossed paths with the CEO of BeachBody and they together came up with a plan that would launch Tony Horton to the national level and prove to make him the face of high energy and effective home workouts.

After the two of them came up with a game plan Tony started working on fitness DVD's that the everyday person could do from the comfort of their own home. Not only that, but he used fitness tools that did not cost an arm and a leg therefore making it extremely affordable for every person interested. His workout programs generally use resistance bands or just a set of dumbbells. Tony released Power 90 with BeachBody which was a huge success. Soon after he took it up a notch by releasing the P90X, this program is regarded as one of the most effective workout videos ever. He soon tacked on to that the upgrade to P90X called the P90X Plus for those that are really serious. Tony's newest workout program is called the 10 Minute Trainer created for the busiest of people. In just 10 minutes a day you can be on your way to a Tony Horton body.

With all the success of his programs and of his fitness career Tony still manages to keep a down to earth attitude about what he does. While he still has a passion for acting Tony still plans on releasing some more home fitness videos and always creating an excellent product that everyone can use. If you want to shape your body then Tony Horton is the ultimate example of fitness. He is a good person to follow.

Tony Horton is one of the best fitness experts in the nation. Check out his fitness programs including P90X and 10 minute trainer. If you follow his programs you will get buff.

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